Thursday, November 1, 2007

Organic Food Bar a Hit at The Platinum Emmy Lounge

[Melora Hardin, from NBC's The Office]

I JUST RETURNED from an Emmy "pre-party" atop the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills called the "Platinum Emmy Lounge." ORGANIC FOOD BAR was the official bar of the Emmy Lounge, where luminaries, tastemakers, influencers and celebrities sampled an array of outstanding brands from wine to technology to food.

The celebrities were particularly enthralled with ORGANIC FOOD BAR. Most lamented their hectic "on the go" lives that preclude them from eating as well as they should. Many celebs said that they "loved" ORGANIC FOOD BAR, and that the bars are their "saving grace" when they're on the road -- or on the set! In fact, one of our favorite celebs we met, Melora Hardin (who plays Jan Levinson-Gould on NBC's "The Office"), said that she keeps ORGANIC FOOD BARS in her car to feed her kids while on the go. She said it's the only bar she really trusts as a parent, and the only bar that her kid's will eat!

We had prepared a fresh batch of the Coconut Chocolate Raw bars that very day, and the celebrities were befuddled that a bar could be that fresh. I playfully (innocently!) derided some of the other bars on the market...that some brands of bars "made in the 1980's are still floating around out there being eaten by an unsuspecting public!" They got a good laugh out of that one. But, by and large, it's true. ORGANIC FOOD BARS are unlike any other: they're made fresh every day in a company-owned, certified organic on-site facility. In a world where uncertainties in product manufacturing abound, isn't it comforting to know and trust a brand like ORGANIC FOOD BAR?

What astounded the celebrities the most, however, was the taste of ORGANIC FOOD BARS. After coolly sauntering up to our booth, the celebrities' first moves -- after posing for paparazzi photos! -- were to examine the ORGANIC FOOD BAR ingredient list. When they learned how healthful the bars were, they thought that the bars wouldn't taste good. After all, many "good for you foods" taste ... well ... "reaaally healthy." The celebrities could not believe how sumptuous , moist and fresh the ORGANIC FOOD BARS were. Almost every celebrity sat at our booth eating an entire bar and not uttering a word: just chewing and smiling for the cameras!

Needless to say, ORGANIC FOOD BARS were a huge hit among an impossibly discerning crowd. I mention this, not because we ought to admire celebrities any more than any other group of successful people, but rather that celebrities have access to anything. We are fascinated by what celebrities use, I believe, because they can use anything. When a famous person chooses a product, and when they're brand loyal to that product in their private lives, it means that the product beats the competition by meeting an exceptionally high standard. It's clear that ORGANIC FOOD BAR meets those standards.

The Platinum Emmy Lounge was great fun. We'll post some terrific photos of celebrities eating, hugging and actually kissing (yes kissing!) ORGANIC FOOD BARS. So, stay tuned for that!

And remember, in Hollywood, the media often focuses on what's outside, but the fact is: It's What's Inside That Counts. It may sound trite and and
cliché, but it's absolutely true. That's why we've made it our tagline.

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