Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Organic Food Bar(TM), Inc. Goes Solar

CONTACT INFORMATION: Eric Harr, Media Director, Organic Food Bar, Inc. 1.415.827.3073.

  • Organic Food BarTM products set a new standard of environmental stewardship by becoming the world’s first nutrition bar to be produced entirely with clean and renewable solar energy.
  • State-of-the-art facility in Corona, Calif. upgraded with solar technology that provides 100% of the energy needed to manufacture all Organic Food BarTM products.

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 22, 2009 /PRNewswire/ -- Organic Food BarTM, Inc., makers of the first organic bar in the world -- which has since become the best-selling organic bar in the world – has retooled its state-of-the-art facility to make Organic Food BarTM products the first in the industry to be produced entirely from 100% clean and renewable solar energy.

The Energy Emission Administration reports that the U.S. is the world’s leader in greenhouse gas emissions producing over 5.8 billion metric tons of CO2 emissions each year—and that number is rising. With greenhouse gas emissions at an all time high, Organic Food BarTM founder and president, Dr. Jack J. Singh believes that the U.S. needs to lead by example—and that U.S. companies must step up and do more to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Quotes and Related Information

"Before organics were en vogue,Organic Food Bar was a pioneer in introducing the first raw and organic bar. We set a new standard. That was 1999. We have come a long way since then growing to over 30 countries. Now, we are setting another standard as the first bar company to have our own manufacturing powered by 100% clean, renewable and sustainable solar energy. In addition to making our bodies healthy with the most nutritious bar in the market, we are committed to keeping Mother Earth healthy and clean for future generations to cherish and enjoy!
~Dr. Jack J. Singh, Founder/CEO, Organic Food BarTM, Inc.

"We go to extraordinary lengths to produce the cleanest, healthiest bar in the world. We felt it was time to bring the productionup to the gold standard of the product. Now we have the healthiest bar for people, produced in the healthiest way for our planet."

~Dr. Jack J. Singh, Founder/CEO, Organic Food BarTM, Inc.

“According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, roughly 12% of total greenhouse gas emissions result from growing, preparing and shipping food. By producing and preparing its products on site, in a solar-powered facility, Organic Food BarTM, Inc. has become a model for all U.S. companies in this era of environmental stewardship.
~Dr. Jack J. Singh
, Founder/CEO, Organic Food BarTM, Inc.

“Now, we can say with pride: Organic Food Bar: Good for your body. Good for our world. It’s just all good!”
~Eric Harr, Media Director, Organic Food BarTM, Inc.

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About Organic Food Bar

In 2001, Organic Food Bar
TM products became the first organic bars of their kind in the world; they are now the best-selling organic bars in the world. All 13 varieties in the product line contain 100% certified organic ingredients with no refined sugars, preservatives, GMOs or trans fats. Ingredients are sourced from the USA, Canada and Europe. Unlike most bars, Organic Food BarTM products are handcrafted fresh daily in a certified organic and kosher facility at its headquarters in Corona, California. That facility is now powered entirely by 100% clean and renewable solar energy. The company has a line of 100% certified organic bars for children, the first SB-12 compliant bars in America. The company just released the Organic Food BarTM - ONE product line, the world
’s first 100% certified organic bars under one dollar, “making organics delicious and affordable for all. For more information, visit The Organic Food Bar Website.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Gratitude From a New Mother -- and Her Son

To everyone at Organic Food Bar:

Three days ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Turner. His was a home-birth accompanied by midwives—and without drugs. It was a sublime, transcendent experience.

Since Turner arrived, I—like all new mothers—have been totally engrossed in Turner’s care. I am in my “zone” of breastfeeding every two hours! I have the most supportive and wonderful husband in the world who is handling everything around me, so that I may focus on bringing Turner into this world in the best possible way. I believe this new generation is poised to rescue our planet from many of the ills it currently faces. We must protect this generation, nurture them and do everything we can to ensure their health and prosperity.

This is the first time I have “come up for air” so to speak—and I felt compelled to write this letter. Here’s why:

As a new mother, I want only the very best for my son. I ate as healthfully as possible during my pregnancy, and now that I am breastfeeding, I am maintaining an adherence to a stellar diet. Since Turner was born, I have eaten two Organic Food Bar - Active Greens each day. For one, they are completely convenient. It’s so nice to grab a bar and have it work my organic tea in the morning. And more importantly: I believe, after much research, that Organic Food Bars—and specifically this variety, the Active Greens—are the healthiest food in a wrapper that I can eat. Since what I eat is directly sent to Turner, I feel good knowing that I am giving him the very best nature has to offer.

I wanted to share this picture with everyone at Organic Food Bar, because I am deeply grateful to you all. Reading the ingredients on the Organic Food Bar - Active Greens, I can only imagine the extraordinary lengths to which you must go to ensure the highest-quality bar in the world. The world owes you a debt of gratitude.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. And, Turner thanks you. :-)

With deepest gratitude,

Alexandra Harr

Sunday, October 18, 2009

An Uncommon Commitment -- to You

These days, it seems as if brands spend more time marketing to you than delivering for you. They extol their virtues and tell you how special their product is without putting the necessary action behind those words.

For eight years, Organic Food Bar has maintained an uncommon commitment to the finest ingredients, the finest production -- and the finest customer service.

We recently received a heartfelt note from a solider who relies on Organic Food Bar for on-the-go nutrition. He deeply appreciates our making sure he has what he needs -- wherever he is in the world! Here is the actual email string below. We believe it is a testament to the fact that Organic Food Bar doesn't just talk about how committed we are to your health. We back it up, with action, each and every day, because you and your health are what matter most to us. That is the Organic Food Bar way.



I wanted to write to let you know that I did receive my order in the mail at my deployed location (just in time before I moved on!). I did want to say thank you again for the extra effort in getting my order mailed out to me. It does mean a lot for those of us deployed to have companies such as Organic Food Bar not only give us incredible discounts, but also go to great lengths to get the products out to our otherwise "weird" locations. I look forward to doing business with you and your company again.

Very Respectfully,


Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 11:28:57 -0700
Subject: Organic Food Bar Order

Hello Richard,

Your order will be shipping out today Via US Mail. Each and every customer is extremely important to us. We work tirelessly to honor the trust you have placed in us. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 800-246-4685, 24 hours a day. I will be sure to send you the tracking number as soon as that becomes available.

Thank you for your business!

And, from all of us here: thank you for your heroic service on behalf of our country.

Melissa Munn
Customer Service
Organic Food Bar, Inc.