Monday, October 19, 2009

Gratitude From a New Mother -- and Her Son

To everyone at Organic Food Bar:

Three days ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Turner. His was a home-birth accompanied by midwives—and without drugs. It was a sublime, transcendent experience.

Since Turner arrived, I—like all new mothers—have been totally engrossed in Turner’s care. I am in my “zone” of breastfeeding every two hours! I have the most supportive and wonderful husband in the world who is handling everything around me, so that I may focus on bringing Turner into this world in the best possible way. I believe this new generation is poised to rescue our planet from many of the ills it currently faces. We must protect this generation, nurture them and do everything we can to ensure their health and prosperity.

This is the first time I have “come up for air” so to speak—and I felt compelled to write this letter. Here’s why:

As a new mother, I want only the very best for my son. I ate as healthfully as possible during my pregnancy, and now that I am breastfeeding, I am maintaining an adherence to a stellar diet. Since Turner was born, I have eaten two Organic Food Bar - Active Greens each day. For one, they are completely convenient. It’s so nice to grab a bar and have it work my organic tea in the morning. And more importantly: I believe, after much research, that Organic Food Bars—and specifically this variety, the Active Greens—are the healthiest food in a wrapper that I can eat. Since what I eat is directly sent to Turner, I feel good knowing that I am giving him the very best nature has to offer.

I wanted to share this picture with everyone at Organic Food Bar, because I am deeply grateful to you all. Reading the ingredients on the Organic Food Bar - Active Greens, I can only imagine the extraordinary lengths to which you must go to ensure the highest-quality bar in the world. The world owes you a debt of gratitude.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. And, Turner thanks you. :-)

With deepest gratitude,

Alexandra Harr


amanda said...

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Anonymous said...

A great post learnt a lot from this thanx

prionti said...

I cant explain what i learn from this post.Thanks a lot.Please keep posting.
I will definitely share this with all of my milk

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Helen said...

Congratulations Mom.. :p
Hey Turner! Wass up! Is your mom feed in you organic food items..? Of course not.. right now you just neew breastfeed, but when you will grow up your will be healthy and strong child like your mom.. :)

Avery Schlacter said...

This is really cool I've recently been trying organic grocery in Chicago and have felt such a difference in my body and life style.

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