Friday, April 4, 2008

Letter From the President

IN PREPARATION FOR the Emmy Platinum Lounge, we assembled "gift bags" for the tastemakers, influencers and celebrities who would be in attendance. Contained in these bags of organic bamboo (to tease SAHANA, our upcoming line of all-organic activewear), we included ORGANIC FOOD BARS and a letter from the founder and President of the company, Dr. Jack J. Singh -- a person of manifest integrity, class, elegance and unflinching vision.

I wanted to re-print that letter here, as I believe it beautifully embodies the ORGANIC FOOD BAR brand.


You hold in your hands a gift from nature. A food bar of pure, radiant health.

In 2001, I set out to create a food bar so sublimely delicious and so soundly healthful that it would “raise the bar” in an industry that too often puts promotion over people. Health is our most precious asset, yet nutritionally, most food bars are little more than glorified, high-glycemic candy bars.

I have great faith in the inexorable paradigm shift underway in our world. We’re rethinking how the actions we take impact our planet. And, we’re rethinking how the foods we eat impact our bodies.

ORGANIC FOOD BAR is the best-selling organic bar in the world, not because we run slick ad campaigns, but because we were the first – and because we are the best: 100% organic with no refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, dairy, high fructose corn syrup, rice syrup, gluten or GMOs. We travel the world to find the freshest, most wholesome, kosher and certified organic ingredients, and each morning we handcraft a fresh batch of ORGANIC FOOD BARS, with lots of love and soul – because we believe your health is your most precious asset. And, we want to honor that.

ORGANIC FOOD BAR: It’s what’s inside that counts.

To your health,

Dr. Jack J. Singh

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