Monday, June 2, 2008

The Myth of the "Energy Bar" as Optimum Sports Nutrition

PEOPLE OFTEN ASK ME how I can eat ORGANIC FOOD BARS during training and competition -- given their modest fat and fiber content. I got that question this morning, in fact, from a group of elite cyclists with whom I was training. It compelled me to post my answer here:

This notion that popular "energy bars" made from synthetic ingredients optimally fuel the body during exercise is nothing more than market-generated drivel. And, to be candid: after 10 years as a professional athlete and journalist, I've grown a little tired of the misinformation. Simply because the major players in the energy bar category have the most money, and can afford the most media impressions, does not mean that their messages are truthful -- or correct. In fact, often they are far from it. And frankly, their behavior is unethical
given that we're talking about nutrition here, and that impacts people's health, which is their most precious asset.

Here is the indisputable fact based on sound nutrition and verified repeatedly by science: the human body responds most favorably to real, wholesome food free from synthetic ingredients, preservatives or unhealthy fats. Yet these ingredients are often found in products touted as "healthy energy bars."
Some of these products still contain hydrogenated oils! The National Institutes of Health recently set a "safe level of consumption" for trans fats. Do you know what that is? ZERO! That means, that "no amount" of trans fats are acceptable in the human diet!

I find it more than mildly ironic that people who exercise in order to boost their health, wellness and performance are largely duped into consuming energy bars that are not good for their health, will not promote wellness and do not boost performance.

As a professional triathlete, I train 20-30 hours a week. I eat ORGANIC FOOD BARS exclusively during all of my workouts and all of my competitions. It is the "cleanest burning" and most "nutrient dense" fuel I've yet tried.
And, I have never -- repeat, never -- bonked when fueling with ORGANIC FOOD BAR. That is where the healthy fats come into play.

(Before I continue, it is proper and necessary that I disclose the following: Yes, I am the ORGANIC FOOD BAR Media Director. But, I approached them. And no, I do not receive free product. I go to Good Earth Fairfax, Calif., and I buy my ORGANIC FOOD BARS full price, because I believe they are a gift of nature and worth every penny.)

Back to the point: If I can digest an ORGANIC FOOD BAR at 160 heart rate in the heat -- when the blood is being shunted from my stomach to working muscles and to the surface for thermoregulation -- surely
ORGANIC FOOD BAR will work for most anyone, at any level, looking to boost their performance in an intelligent, healthful way.

Does this mean
ORGANIC FOOD BAR is guaranteed to work for everyone during every workout and event? Certainly not. Does it mean that you should give ORGANIC FOOD BAR a try and compare it to your current bar? You'd be crazy not to.

I am going to name names here: Most Powerbars, Clif Bars and Balance Bars are not good for you. Just as Gatorade is not the best thing to hydrate your body, most of these highly-visible, slickly-marketed products are high-glycemic, low-quality fuel. These companies, regrettably, put more money into marketing their products than into making their products. Their success has been built primarily on the success of their promotion rather than on the integrity of their products. A simple review of their ingredient lists will tell you that.

ORGANIC FOOD BARS top-quality ingredients and healthy fats that boost energy and promote better health. Anyone who knows nutrition, and who reviews the ingredient list of ORGANIC FOOD BAR, will tell you the same thing. Real food is best whoever you are, whatever your background and whatever your health or athletic goals.

So, here is my challenge to you
: incorporate
ORGANIC FOOD BAR into your exercise or training regime and experience the difference for yourself. The body doesn't lie. Whether you're a "weekend warrior" or a serious competitive athlete, you stand to benefit enormously from consuming pure and organic food during and after workouts -- and during competition.

If ORGANIC FOOD BARS don't provide the best solid fuel for your longer workouts of any bar you've ever tried, then I'll buy them for you. How's that? (Just email me at and I will cut you a personal check for the amount you paid for your

In nutrition -- just as in competition and in life -- it's what's inside that counts. That's not merely
ORGANIC FOOD BARS tagline; it's the company's value statement.

Now, go ahead, take the challenge. And, let us know how it goes!

For more healthy living tips, visit The ORGANIC FOOD BAR website.


directorblue said...

Hey guys - what's happening with your Kroger distribution? I've been buying by the box there and now there's a "closeout sale" of Organics.

What the ... ?

BTW, I did a lengthy blog post several months back on Organic foodbars.

Now where in the heck am I gonna get my fix?

Can I order direct from you guys?

Doug Ross

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.